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“Sit Down, Stop Waving Your Arms About!”

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Described by the Manchester Evening News as “One of Britain’s most popular conductors”, Anthony Inglis was born into the Royal Air Force with nine of his relatives, senior and distinguished pilots in the service. His family history however, did not stop him from deciding at the age of six that he was going to conduct.

Anthony knew academia was not for him and battled to persuade his teachers and even his own parents that he did not need educating at expensive private schools. In the end, they agreed and he left school early to attend the Royal College of Music. His career has seen him conducting many famous orchestras and soloists, travelling the world and working in genres from pop bands such as The Scorpions to Bizet’s opera Carmen.

His thirty-three year tenure at Phantom of The Opera in London and Music Directorship of two orchestras, plus his continuing association with Cunard and Katherine Jenkins has meant that although he is at an age when people retire, he continues to be busier than ever.

This is a story of perseverance, hard work, joy, laughter, anecdotes and passion, in a career that he would (almost) do for free!

Hardback, 312 pages.