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  1. Mini Set Kotte Christmas Ornaments
  2. Fold Fir Christmas Tree Decoration
  3. Honeycombe Paper Decoration
  4. Kotte Christmas Decoration
  5. Mini Quill Set of 6 Star Ornaments
  6. Set of 2 Red Quilled Christmas Decorations
  7. Paper Fold Christmas Decoration
  8. Kathmandu Garland
  9. Honeycomb Paper Bauble Decoration
  10. Honeycomb Paper Tree Decoration
  11. Red Stars String Garland
  12. Honeycomb Standing Tree Paper Decoration
  13. Frost Paper Star Decoration
  14. Stella White Stars Garland
  15. Flake Star Large Decoration
  16. Red Spot Star Christmas Ornament
  17. Rudolph Stocking