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Small Linen Quilt

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Rebekah Johnston is a textile artist living and working in Nottingham. She creates one-off quilted textiles exploring themes of emotional wellbeing. Each piece is slow stitched by hand, a calming and meditative process.

A quilt is an object that offers comfort and protection - just as the act of making it comforts and protects the artist. A soft fabric hug that connects the artist to its eventual recipient; fabrics with memories that are passed on to create new ones.

Sustainability is at the heart of her practice. Natural fibres are responsibly sourced; remnants from dressmaking or repurposed fabrics are given new life in hand crafted quilts and hangings that can be passed down and enjoyed by future generations.

Product information and care:

The composition of this quilt is inspired by the artist’s creative journey as she reflects on memories and the path ahead: risk taking, adventure, the unknown, longing and the comfort and safety of home. 

Carefully selected natural fibres in muted tones form motifs symbolic of overcoming obstacles. The slow stitched nature of hand-quilting enables a dialogue between the artist’s thoughts, emotions and the emerging work. 

  • Approx. 150cm by 100cm.
  • Quilt top - Linen and linen cotton blend dressmaking remnants and deadstock fabrics. Machine pieced and hand appliquéd with hand embroidered elements.
  • Quilt batting - 100% cotton.
  • Quilt backing Linen and linen/cotton blend deadstock fabrics.
  • Hand wash or gentle machine wash. Do not tumble dry.