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London Town Socks

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London Town Sock by Yoni Alter
Look Mate London  teamed up with leading illustrator and designer, Yoni Alter, to celebrate the city of London.

This is a pair of socks with a message. Alter and Look Mate hope to inspire you to explore your city and soak up its culture on foot. The design is defined by colours and shapes of our city.

Yoni is a London based designer and artist. His work is bursting with colours, he integrates between the artistic and the commercial, between the graphic and the artistic, between the figurative and the abstract and between form and space. Alter studied art and design in Jerusalem before completing him MA Graphic Design at University of the arts London and has since called London ‘home,’ constantly using the city as a source of inspiration.
  • Designed in London
  • In collaboration with artists and graphic creatives
  • Crafted from the finest combed cotton available
  • Hand finished in a small family-run factory
  • Longer, over the calf design for a comfortable fit
  • Weaved with 200 needles
  • Fun and cool design to compliment your personality