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Strange Clay

Strange Clay: Ceramics in Contemporary Art

26 Oct 2022 –⁠ 8 Jan 2023

Hayward Gallery

Browse our exhibition product range, Strange Clay: Ceramics in Contemporary Art is the first large-scale group exhibition in the UK exploring how contemporary artists have used clay in unexpected ways.

Featuring 23 international artists working across recent decades, the exhibition examines the plasticity and the possibilities of ceramics.

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  1. Strange Clay Exhibition Catalogue
  2. Strange Clay Exhibition Poster
  3. Strange Clay Postcard Set
  4. Kintsugi: Embrace your imperfections and find happiness book front cover showing a white ceramic plate repaired by the Kintsugi method.
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  5. A cone-shaped ceramic figurine with hand-painted eyes
  6. Pearl
  7. Mini Yuki Vase
  8. The Beauty of Everyday Things book cover showing a ceramic teapot with a large handle on plain white background.
  9. Sun Bowl
  10. Splash Jar
  11. Nomu Cup
  12. Dip Dish
  13. Sip Cup