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Winter Wellness: Nourishing recipes to keep you healthy

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Winter Wellness empowers us with inspiring recipes and simple tips to support our immune system and mental health through the colder months, and makes it feel like a huge treat in doing so. Delving into the wisdom of using herbs and spices to boost our health, winter produce, easy ferments and nutritious homemade condiments that make meals a doddle, she offers recipes packed full of their delicious goodness.

There are broths and soups, such as a dandelion and burdock ramen and parsnip toddy,
easy-to-digest one-dish dinners like carrot miso mac,
energising breakfasts such as banana bread blinis and tahini porridge,
teas and tonics like homemade bitters and a night-time nutmeg nog,
healthy treats like miso and pear mousse and orange and ginger date cake,
and store-cupboard remedies including black garlic teriyaki and rhubarb pickled ginger.

Winter Wellness brings warmth and joy to the coldest season, with delightful recipes and fresh insight to help inspire pause, reflection and nourishment at the time of year we need it most.

Hardback, 304 pages