Red Loop Rope


Loop Rope is a Wardrobe designed to hang off the ceiling. It is mounted by fixing the provided Torx screw and dowel in the ceiling or wall. Once the Double sided screw is fixed, the threaded Wardrobe is easily attached. It is also possible to change the height of your loops.

This allows for the Wardrobe to work with any height of ceiling from 2,4m-3,6m. For a higher ceiling, simply move the loops down and for a low ceiling move them up! The loops stay in place once you have moved them, but don’t worry, the are re-adjustable at any time.

Designer: Roman Luyken

Material: PP Rope and Steel

Dimensions: 2400x70x30 | 250 g

Notes: height-adjustable loops, max. load 20kg

Origin: Handmade in Germany

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