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Rashaad Newsome - Five (Drawing Papers)

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This publication accompanies the presentation of Rashaad Newsome's Five, a multimedia performance presented at The Drawing Center in New York, that highlights the art of voguing--which is characterized by angular, linear and rigid body movements--as it relates to drawing. New York-based vogue dancers and musicians, including renowned opera singer Stefanos Koroneos and distinguished vogue commentator Kevin Jz Prodigy perform and are conducted by Newsome. This project encapsulates many of the artist's core objectives: the formation, evolution and ownership of cultural signifiers; the essence of historic art structures using modern urban symbols and cultural references; and the use of technology to elicit artistic expression. The book features performance images and unique line drawings produced from that performance using motion-tracking software, as well as an essay by art scholar Evan Danza.

Paperback, 48 pages