Modernist Estates: The buildings and the people


Take an inside look at some of the most remarkable and sometimes controversial modernist estates in Britain and the impact they have on their communities.

Featuring twenty-one modernist homes and their residents, this unique and beautifully designed book presents an overview of the buildings and architects, considers the historical and political context, and explores what it’s like to live on a modernist estate today. Through interviews and original photography, we're offered a rare insight into the lives of these significant buildings and those who inhabit them.

Estates include Isokon, Pullman Court, Golden Lane Estate, Keeling House, The Hall, Dulwich Park Estate, Manygate Lane, Park Hill, Sivill House, Draper House, Perronet House, Barbican, Brunswick Centre, Byker, Christchurch Estate, Dunboyne Road Estate, Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate, Whittington Estate, Greenwich Millenium Village and Balfron Tower.

This thought-provoking study interrogates the legacy of the modernist architectural movement in Britain, and examines the role of communal housing in Britain, offering fascinating insights into the way we live.

Paperback, 192 pages

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