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Michael Wolf Architecture Of Density - Hong Kong (new ed)

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REISSUE OF THE FAMOUS PHOTO BOOK Focused on the specific visual elements Michael Wolf has depicted high density living in one of the world’s most crowded cities like nobody has before. For “Architecture of Density”, Wolf fashioned a distinctive style of photography. He removes any sky or horizon line from the frame and flattens the space until it becomes a relentless abstraction of urban expansion, with no escape for the viewer’s eye. Wolf’s disorienting vantage point gives the viewer the feeling that the buildings extend indefinitely, which perhaps is the spatial experience of Hong Kong’s inhabitants. Since its first publication in 2012, the photo book “Architecture of Density” has become a milestone in the history of the media. This reprint contains a number of unpublished images from this unique and outstanding photo series.

Hardback, 128 pages