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Jeremy Deller: Art Is Magic

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Art is Magic is artist Jeremy Deller's attempt to tie up the key works of his ca-
reer alongside the art, pop music, film, politics and history that have inspired his work.

Much has been written about Deller over the decades but this is the
first time he has pulled together all of his cultural touchstones.

The book features work from across Deller's life and art and includes Sac-
rilege, the inflatable Stonehenge, the Iggy Pop Life Class, The Battle of Orgreave, a recreation of a confrontation from the Miners' Strike, bats (a sub-
ject in at least three of Deller's works), Andy Warhol (whom he met in 1986), rave culture, hen harriers pecking out the eyes of a Tory MP, and a giant
Chameleon slide.

Hardback, 240 pages