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Hicham Berrada



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Artist-laboratory, born in 1986 in Casablanca in Morocco from a biologist mother and a pharmacist father, Hicham Berrada works to recreate nature by reinventing the rules, by diverting its codes and influences, by upsetting the logical evolution of its elements. His creations are based on knowledge in science (chemistry, fluid physics, nanosciences, etc.). Pigments, magnetism, catalysis and corrosion, the elements and time compose its raw material and are also the very tools of its creation. His approach is thus similar to that of a painter: he masters phenomena and acts on reality as a painter masters his tools and intervenes on his canvas. Combining intuition and knowledge, science and poetry, he composes moving landscapes, chemical paintings that constantly evolve and transport the visitor to a world that is both alive and inert. Like an alchemist, Hicham Berrada puts to work accelerations of time, impossible encounters, improbable alloys that create surprise. It stages the changes and metamorphoses of a "nature" activated, chemically or mechanically. From laboratory to studio, from chemical experiment to performance, the artist explores scientific protocols that closely mimic different natural processes and climatic conditions. In beakers or aquariums, he manipulates metals, acid products and molecules, plays with temperature and time. Like a manager of energies, he develops his works by choosing a series of rules and conditions to establish a provocative protocol in his living tableaux of growths, effervescences or chromatic variations.

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