BAS Revival Statement Necklace


The BAS Revival scheme is part of Black & Sigi's upcycled jewellery scheme and was created to help reduce waste by donating unwanted, broken jewellery so that they can reinvent, revive and breathe new life into each piece.

Each BAS Revival piece is completely unique, and often there is only 1 piece ever made the same way. It's a win-win situation, landfill is reduced, the life of the jewellery is prolonged, it's a charitable and conscious way of shopping, and if you donated the jewellery you received a BAS voucher as a massive thank you! There never was such good in upcycled jewellery!

With every sale of the BAS revival scheme, Black & Sigi donate 15% of the sale to their nominated charity – Charity causes change annually as they want to be able to support many people in different areas.

This necklace is the ultimate BAS Revival as all the pieces we wrap are broken, odd and unusable pieces from the BAS revival Box. The undesirables are made desirable!

  • Sterling Silver Stud.
  • Plated wire – 9ct gold or sterling silver plated copper wire.
  • Weight: 1 kg.

Every purchase supports our arts programme