'All Around the World' Chocolate Discs


Using cacao beans from one country, region or even plantation – these single-origin hand piped and brightly coloured discs will take you on a journey through Tanzania, Venezuela, Madagascar, Peru, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea and Java.

A menu card identifies and describes the flavour profiles of the chocolates – a great dinner party game or perfect pressie for a chocoholic! And with 14 large discs weighing a minimum of 290 g, there’s plenty to share.


Ingredients:  Cocoa solids – dark (range min. 60%-75%); milk  (min. 32%-39%).  Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), whole milk powder, natural vanilla flavouring.  Transfers: vegetable fat; colouring – natural inc. E100, E171, E120 (cochineal), E162, sweet potato, spirulina powder; and AZO-free inc. E133, E132. Dark chocolate and some transfers may contain milk. No artificial flavours or preservatives. Allergens: see ingredients in bold.

Also made in an area where nutswheateggs and seeds are handled.

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