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Abandoned Cinemas of the World

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Beautiful, haunting photographs of abandoned cinemas around the world. The ultimate visual reference from a skilled photographer.
An outstanding photographic report which draws attention to the often dramatic fate of the world's abandoned heritage and its frequently forgotten beauty.
The locations featured all have their own stories to tell, in a variety of voices, but with one shared theme: the fall from grace. Veteran photographer Simon Edelstein has spent 12 years travelling the world - the USA, France, Italy, India, Morocco and Cuba - in search of abandoned cinemas. Visiting far-flung cities in more than 30 countries, he discovered forgotten buildings whose timeworn facades still hint of their former glory.
These once-proud movie palaces, languishing under decades of dust, are far removed from their classic role as magnets for Saturday night crowds. With his skilful focus on their ageing facades, entrances and interiors, Edelstein brings these cinemas - and their splendid archaeological histories - back to life. This book is a tribute to reminders of the golden age of movie theatres the world over, now silent but not forgotten.

Hardback, 224 pages