• Pigeon Service

Pigeon Service


Pigeon service by Christien Meindertsma for Thomas Eyck.

Made entirely from flax, these pigeons were originally designed by Christien Meindertsma as an installation for Texture, the museum of the flax weaving industry located in the town of Kortrijk in Belgium.

The museum is housed in a former flax warehouse on the banks of the River Leie. During the First World War this building also served as a temporary home to hundreds of carrier pigeons who played a vital role in military communications. These connections were drawn together in Meindertsma's installation, which saw 200 pigeons made of locally-woven linen distributed around the museum.

Handmade using fabric manufactured by Belgian flax-weavers and filled with flax seed.

May be used as an ornament or a doorstop.

28 w x 10 d x 19 cm h


Available in multiple neutral colours, please note the colour you will receive will be chosen by random.

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