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  • Bike Lock - Lochness

Bike Lock - Lochness



Flexible Bike Lock Lochness by Palomar

Every cyclists has experienced this problem: There is no bicycle basket and the rack isn't a safe option. So where should the bulky bicycle lock be kept when you are already on your way? Palomar offers a practical as well as visually appealing solution with Lochness.

Simply Wrapped Around the Handlebars or Bike Frame

The flexible Lochness bike lock by Francesco Toselli for Palomar is sturdy yet can easily be bend into any shape. It can can be wrapped around the handlebar or bike frame in seconds, offering a visual highlight on top of its functional use. Another advantage: The frustrating removal of the bike lock and search for the keys when parking the bike is now a thing of the past. The lock is always at hand, ready for use and finds its place on every bike.

High Security

The security aspect of the design was also not forgotten about. Lochness is characterised by its high level of security compared to other cable locks, being resistant to the effects of leverage and equipped with innovative anti-theft protection.

The 82.5 cm long lock is enclosed in silicone to avoid any scratches on the frame or handlebars.

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