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Marbled Photo Album

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Honour the memorable people and moments of your life within a photo album that is just as special and unique as them. Our album features original hand-marbled paper on the front and back covers - each one has its own character and no two will ever be the same.

Each album contains 30 sturdy card pages, separated with a leaf of translucent glassine to protect your photos and mementos from scratches.

All albums are constructed by hand in London. Our master marbler, Lucy McGrath, makes each paper by floating droplets of paint on a tray of water and carefully manipulates them to make patterns. A piece of paper is laid onto the paint, picking it up, and a new layer of paint must be applied before another print can be made. This means each marbled paper is slightly different so every album made with one is a completely unique piece.

Durable book cloth is used on the curved spine to give the binding strength and acrylic paints when marbling which have fantastic durability and add a brilliant vibrancy that can't be achieved through digital printing. But because we don't use mass-manufacturing processes like coatings, it is advisable to keep the album away from water to prevent warping.

Compact size will fit 120 6x4" photos if they are positioned in landscape format, two on each page.

25 x 22cm.