Bum Sculpture



Bum - a series of playful interpretation of the cheeky side of the human form. The soft curves mould to our body to support wellbeing during times of stress.

Bum is completely circular in design. It illustrates the stories of wear by acquaintances, friends and close family members. It is made from preloved garments and naturally dyed fabrics with food waste such as avocado and onion skin dyes. The fabrics are then patchwork together and hand embroidered. The patchwork is then quilted onto organic cotton wadding and filled with textile offcuts and sterilised pillow stuffing, creating a completely zero waste process. Bum series shows the endless possibilities of extending the lifespan of textiles and the beauty of waste.


  • Handmade product so please handle with care.
  • Keep cushion out of direct sunlight due to colour fastness of natural dyes.
  • Spot clean.
  • Sculpture does not contain fire retardant materials, so please keep away from a naked flame.

Please email us if you prefer a specific design as shown in the images below, we are unable to provide options due to the unique nature of each item.

Every purchase supports our arts programme