Camera Cleaning Kit


This professional level camera and lens cleaning kit is a must-have for any photographer; whether they're a snap-happy amateur or a long-lensed pro. The high-grade cleaning fluid couples with expert cleaning accessories to keep you on track for that perfect shot, whenever you need to take it.

Even the slightest smudge or the smallest hair on the lens can ruin the shot of a lifetime. The anti-smudging formula used in our hand mixed fluid maximises the clarity of the glass in your lens. 

Our technicians mix the fluid by hand in a controlled and sealed environment, then test each batch before they're placed into the kits.

As well as specialist lens tissues (whose fibres won't fall away onto the lens or sensor of your camera), the dual dust cleaning pen grabs onto the tiny flecks of dust and impurities on the crucial glassware. Finally, the hand operated air pump allows for precision cleaning on delicate or complicated equipment.

Suitable for professional and aspiring photographers, as well as taking away on holiday for the best picture quality.


Lens cleaner fluid - 100 ml.

Lens tissues.

Dual brush cleaning pen.

Air dust blower.

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