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Necklace Plateau Silver

Necklace Plateau Silver£20.00

Necklace Form Bar Brass

Necklace Form Bar Brass£40.00

Necklace Form Bar St/Gry

Necklace Form Bar St/Gry£40.00

Necklace Form Circle Brass

Necklace Form Circle Brass£50.00

Necklace Form Circle Steel

Necklace Form Circle Steel£50.00

Necklace Form Square Brass

Necklace Form Square Brass£50.00

Necklace Form Square Steel

Necklace Form Square Steel£50.00

Necklace 'Light' Blue

Necklace 'Light' Blue£25.00

Necklace 'Light' Green

Necklace 'Light' Green£25.00

Necklace 'Light' Orange

Necklace 'Light' Orange£25.00

Necklace 'Light' Pink

Necklace 'Light' Pink£25.00

Octa necklace

Octa necklace£25.00

Feather necklace - gold

Feather necklace - gold£18.00

Pineapple necklace - gold

Pineapple necklace - gold£18.00

Multi heart necklace

Multi heart necklace£65.00

Struck Twice necklace

Struck Twice necklace£99.00

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Page 1 of 2:    21 Items