Happy New Year

Tuesday, 6 January 2015  |  SBC Shops

New year, new you? 

The School of Life's 'Tools for thinking' might help you achieve your goals for 2015


'How to develop Emotional Health,' 'How to Age' and 'How to Thrive in the Digital Age' are titles in The School of Life's new approach to the self-help book.

Produced in conjunction with Pan Macmillan,  the series examines some of the great issues of life and tackles some of the hardest issues in a way that is genuinely informative, helpful and consoling. 



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Get organised for 2015

Many of our 2015 wall calendars have 50% off, so plan the new year from £5!

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On Display 

Maybe your walls need brightening up for the new year? The new title from Hayward Publishing might be able to help

On Display: 50 Posters Designed for the Hayward Gallery is a large format collection of highlights from the Hayward Gallery’s archive of exhibition posters. A collection of highly desirable posters to tear out and frame, it's also a fascinating insight into art and graphic design in the second half of the twentieth century. With an A3 format with perforated pages, each of the posters have been carefully re-scanned and colour-corrected to the highest possible standard, ready to be read, framed and displayed.